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Home Automation

Our complete home automation systems are connecting you to your home like never before. After we install and configure your home automation system, you will be able to monitor your home security system, set your thermostat, turn your lights on and off, and more all right from your smartphone. When you automate your house with Mill-Tel Inc, you are turning your home into a smart home.

Smarter Home

In today’s digital world, it is more important than ever to stay connected. It’s time to leave the analog world behind and connect your smart devices to your home. Our home automation experts have extensive experience interacting with and installing smart home solutions.

Our team can install your video doorbells, smoke alarms, smart garage doors, smart speakers, smart locks, smart lights/switches, and more. If you have ever left the house wondering if you forgot to lock the door or turn off the lights, this solution is for you!

Energy Saver

Mill-Tel can install a variety of products to make your home smarter and help you save on energy costs. With automated blinds you can set a schedule for your blinds to raise or lower depending on the time of day allowing you to better control the temperature in your home. With a smart thermostat you can save energy and control the temperature of your home with your smartphone from anywhere in the world!

We offer a variety of WiFi enabled lighting options. Our lighting options can be set to turn on or off based on either a predetermined schedule or by setting up a geofence which will automatically turn the lights on or off whenever you enter or leave your home. With a home automation solution from Mill-Tel, you’ll never worry about leaving lights on again!