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Camera Systems

Mill-Tel will design and install a commercial camera system that is customized to your business needs. A surveillance camera system will give you peace of mind, knowing exactly what is going on at your business from anywhere in the world. Monitor everything that goes on both inside your business and outside your building.

With our commercial camera systems, you will receive custom alerts, with notifications sent directly to your smart phone anytime motion is detected. Stay up to date and aware of anything that goes on in or around in your business. We have installed camera systems for industrial buildings, warehouses, hospitals, churches, car dealerships, and more.

Stay Alert

With a commercial security camera system from Mill-Tel, you can stay up to date and alert of anything that happens at your business. Receive motion alerts anytime someone passes by your surveillance cameras. Stay up to date with your system by getting instant notifications during a system failure or camera loss. Our camera systems are capable of providing facial recognition technology, Point of Sale (POS) imaging, people/vehicle counting, tailgating, stopping, loitering detection, and so much more. For more information about what our commercial security systems can do for you, give us a call!

Our Systems

Mill-Tel offers cutting edge and reliable camera security systems. We work primarily with Vivotek and Lorex to bring you the latest in video surveillance technology. Vivotek utilizes the latest technologies to develop surveillance solutions worldwide. Both Vivotek and Lorex have a strong reputation for developing reliable camera systems that broadcast in incredible 4K Ultra HD resolution. Our commercial camera systems allow you to monitor your business for trespassing, theft, employee productivity, and more.